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1955 Chevy
"The Frame Game"
Independent Front Suspension Installation

Restoration by Select Motors



A customer with a '55 Chevy post car contacted Select motor Company to assist in making his car more drivable.


55 Chevy Chassis Removed
1955 Chevy Chassis Removed 

This customer wanted one of the Fatman Fabrication independent front suspension replacement chassis sections installed to increase drivability.


He did not want to spend extra time and
 money on cosmetics but needed his chassis corrected by a professional.


The Fatman front suspension offered more caster than a stock '55 Chevy, disc brakes, and is set up for rack and pinion steering which steers from in front of the A plates as opposed to from the rear of the A plates as a '55 Chevy does.


A stock '55 Chevy is a breeze to install a Fatman clip onto if you are an experienced chassis builder; as our chassis builders at Select Motor Company is indeed.


The '55 Chevy this customer brought to us had been modified though.


This car had a second generation Camaro front sub-frame portion welded into the '55 chassis and was the root of bad behavior on this car.


The Camaro clip had been installed at a rolled forward and down angle; which essentially removed any caster that was built into the Camaro suspension.


Our chassis builder drove the car to diagnose the driving problem and described it as though you were driving a playing card.


Turn the wheel left and the car would lay over to the left and head for the ditch.


Right hand turns were erratic to the right.


The Camaro subframe installation had been performed at some time in this cars past and had included cutting the '55 Chevy chassis off behind the front body mounts.


The Fatman Fabrication suspension is built with shorter frame rails and is Fatmanintended to be installed on a chassis that is cut off forward of the front body bushing mounts.




Fortunately we were able to acquire a '55 Chevy frame clip which had been cut off behind the front body bushings.





Follow the photos with this article and you will see the process in the following order.


First the Camaro subframe will be cut off of the '55 post car's chassis.

Camaro Clip Removed

Removal of Camaro Subframe
Camaro Subframe Removed


Second a replacement '55 Chevy chassis front suspension will be installed restoring the chassis back to stock dimensions with its forward body mounts in tack.

 55 Chevy Chassis

Chassis install

chassis 55

In the third phase the repaired '55 Chevy chassis will be cut down to accept the Fatman Fabrication independent front suspension clip.

CHevy Subframe

 1955 Chevy Chassis Builder

Building Chssis

Select Motors Chassis Building

1955 Chevy Independent Front Suspension

Older modifications and customization can sometimes present challenges when your building a car but with ingenuity and a can do attitude the desired outcome can be had at Select Motor Company in Ball, Louisiana.

1955 Chevy Chassis Build

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These kits are available for a wide range of makes and models of vehicles from classic cars and trucks to muscle cars, late model trucks, Jeeps, Vettes and even VW's! 

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Suspension and Chassis Bolt Kits are available to complement the drivetrain and body kits. These automotive bolt and fastener kits contain the first large size, high-strength bolts for suspensions. Where appropriate, the kits contain high-strength U-bolts with the correct tall nuts.

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Bolt Style


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Bolt Sample

The black stainless is achieved by applying a permanent high tech powder coating with
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